Jail time

In some ways being a single mom has been a huge gift. I never had to double check when I made a decision. There was never the awkward "go ask your dad" moment. The times when I had no back up were hard, like the trips to the emergency room or doctor for his hemophilia … Continue reading Jail time


Looking into the grate

Some people step around the grate, some people walk right over it and some stop to peer down to see what's floating there. Which one are you? I am clearly the one that stops to look. This morning I was in Camden Maine. 223 miles from my home according to odometer on my car. The … Continue reading Looking into the grate


  I’ve always known I am adopted. Whether by chance or by choice I don’t know. I’ve never been particularly driven to find out which. Growing up in a very small New England town it was an exotic tidbit but since every child and adult that lived there knew me from the beginning there wasn’t … Continue reading Me


It is the first week of September and the Labor Day holiday as well. Life got very full! I spent a fabulous week in Chicago attending a meeting and wandering the city, you can guarantee there are words to come from that, then two days after I got back I went and had disc surgery … Continue reading What??