Ode (Just a tiny bit creepy)


It is the first week of September and the Labor Day holiday as well. Life got very full! I spent a fabulous week in Chicago attending a meeting and wandering the city, you can guarantee there are words to come from that, then two days after I got back I went and had disc surgery … Continue reading What??


I had a mother/daughter date with mom yesterday. We went to update our wills. Some mother/daughters go for mani/pedis or tattoos, we went to a lawyer. As I have mentioned previously my mom is 89. She has full mental capacity, she's just rickety and tippy when she walks or moves. The last time her will … Continue reading Muppets


There are places I go, things I do that have a major impact on my life but because they area moment in time I sometimes for get how big an impact they had. Take the picture here for instance. This was my work space at a place in Connecticut. It looks more like a closet … Continue reading Eaton

The sink

There's a leak under our kitchen sink. It's been there for a while, I keep a little bowl tucked under it and empty it every few days. Recently I've been having to empty it more often, which means, of course, that the leak is getting worse. It makes sense, things like that don't magically improve. … Continue reading The sink

White Flag

Capitulate: surrender, submit, acknowledge defeat, give up, give in, yield, acquiesce, accede, succumb, lay down one's arms, relent, come to terms with, cry quits, hoist the white flag. Hmmm, depending how it's used this is s great word. Smiling to myself.