Old friends

I saw two of my oldest friends the other day, one of whom I haven't seen in 30 years. In the 70s we were the three girls in high school that traveled in a pack. We were the hippie chicks that were in the plays and chorus, spent our time between classes hidden in unused … Continue reading Old friends



Here's the thing. When you have a family member, particularly a child, with a bleeding disorder you are better off being a realist. Even in these days of better treatment and care it is inevitable that your life will involve doctors, over night hospital stays for simple procedures and often emergency rooms. Granted times have … Continue reading Realist


  I’ve always known I am adopted. Whether by chance or by choice I don’t know. I’ve never been particularly driven to find out which. Growing up in a very small New England town it was an exotic tidbit but since every child and adult that lived there knew me from the beginning there wasn’t … Continue reading Me