Following the Sun

I like to follow the sun. What I mean is, if I'm going somewhere and there's no hurry I will take roads less traveled and  as long as I know where the sun is, I know I'm headed in the right direction. Yesterday I followed the sun on my way home in the morning. I … Continue reading Following the Sun


My favorite veteran

My dad loved Cool Whip. And black licorice and jelly beans. There was usually a stash of licorice and or jelly beans next to his chair in the living room. Mom would make real pudding, the kind you have to cook, not the add milk kind and dad would pile cool whip on top and … Continue reading My favorite veteran


Here's the thing. When you have a family member, particularly a child, with a bleeding disorder you are better off being a realist. Even in these days of better treatment and care it is inevitable that your life will involve doctors, over night hospital stays for simple procedures and often emergency rooms. Granted times have … Continue reading Realist