I feel like I’m writing a dating profile. Although I do like walks on the beach I don’t really care if I’m alone doing it. It’s not about the romance, it’s about the seeing. I look at the world around me. I used to think everybody did but I found out that they don’t. The sunrises and sunsets on a beach are spectacular, this is true. But so are the random things that have washed up on the shore and the shapes of the cliffs and dunes. What is that ship out there? Where is that boat sailing to? Who lost those sunglasses? Is the child that lost that stuffed animal still sad?

I see things daily that when I mention to other people they either think I’m being funny or they don’t know what I’m talking about. When I say I wonder, I mean it. Why is the world so green if the primary colors are red, blue and yellow? Why are car seats so uncomfortable? When did we as a society become so self centered? What makes some people want to succeed while others are comfortable in their victim status? That’s only the beginning.

“What’s their story” is a favorite of mine. Whether sitting on a crowded street, being in a movie theater or wandering a mostly deserted stretch of beach. People are fascinating. This makes me wonder do people see me, a lone woman walking on a street before sunrise or sitting on a rock watching waves, and think “what’s her story?”

I have discovered that I am a loner. I’m very comfortable wandering off from the party, the event or the bar my friends are at. I guess they must be used to it by now because they don’t come looking or call any more when I disappear. It has it’s advantages, I don’t have to wait to go see what’s out there in this world. And it has disadvantages, like I spend a lot of time alone. Because I just wander I see things off the beaten path, or street; the abandoned building or a stunning sunrise. It also means there are times when I probably should tell someone where I am. So far I have been lucky I didn’t fall through a rotted floor or get accosted by one of the many homeless people I talk to.

It’s not easy telling you about me. I’m much better at seeing outside of me. You’ll probably find out more about me by reading the things that I write, those are the tells.



4 thoughts on “About

  1. Your a loving person Maryann, who gives so much to everyone. I love that you are your own person and that you love to just wander, you are a person everyone wants to see at all events.❤️


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