Past, present and future


The things I have learned from you.

Not to be ashamed of what I didn’t know. How often have I looked back and felt ashamed of something I did when in reality I wasn’t given the tools to deal with it. This is not because the people who were meant to teach me neglected to do so, it’s because they didn’t know either. We can’t be expected to teach someone about something that we ourselves have no experience in.

Not to be sad for missed opportunities. They came and went while I was in busy learning other things. My choices were made in the moment I was living in. To live feeling like I should have done something only makes it impossible to live in this moment now.

Keep the joy of past times close. People are gone, places have changed, events came and went. If they are still alive in my heart, if the memory still makes me smile then that part of my life was a success.

Make everything a lesson. Whether I feel like it was a win or a lose. It’s gone. It’s not coming back. Learn from it.


Try not to screw up too badly. Make plans. Look froward to things. Live with what I have.

My friend Paul used to say “be here now.” He was a wise man who taught me about living in my moment because he couldn’t stop living in his past.


Best case scenario is that you learn from my past without having to live it.                             Who I was and where I went shaped my now, today will shape my tomorrow.                       Although I know you must go, I refuse to miss you before you’re gone.                                                       *Includes people, places and things.                                                                                                     I have a plan, let’s see how it goes.



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