Two weeks ago today I was on Michigan Ave in Chicago, sitting next to these guys, people watching.  IMG_0651    They stand by one of the bridges that goes over the Chicago River and there is a lot of foot traffic.

I look up and right at eye level are a pair of hands, one black and one white, fingers tightly clasped. You know when someone is real tall and they hold hands with someone shorter so it looks like they are supporting the other person’s hand? Like that. Sitting there I watched as couple after couple came over the bridge holding hands. Young, old, same-sex and interracial. It was comforting to see so many people connected. People with a hand through an arm and a group with their arms around each others waists.

Have you ever held hands with a friend? You should try it. There is something about that specific connection that is like no other. I have held hands in meetings, walking and even drifting off to sleep with someone who is not my “other”.

What about driving? Holding hands while on a trip is awesome. Or having someone tall hold your hand so you have to bend your elbow.  Holding hands in crowds so you don’t get separated, think of that secure feeling.

I can’t leave out children. Holding hands with that little person who trusts in your ability to lead them and keep them safe. I remember the first time my son reached up and took my hand when we were walking. We have always traveled a lot so I rarely had to ask for his hand, he just knew mom equaled safety on the adventure.

So ya, holding hands. It’s such an intimate act that is so out in the open. It says so much while leaving so much unsaid.

**The statue stands 25 feet tall and was hauled up with cranes. Next to the Lincoln statue is another life-size figure representing the common man, dressed in beige corduroy pants, sneakers and a cream-colored cable-knit sweater. The two bronze statues of public art were built over three years. It was first hoisted in New Jersey in 2014. Before it arrived in Chicago, it was last put up on display in Crown Point, Indiana. Abraham Lincoln’s monumental bronze statue will remain in Chicago until end of 2017.




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