It is the first week of September and the Labor Day holiday as well. Life got very full! I spent a fabulous week in Chicago attending a meeting and wandering the city, you can guarantee there are words to come from that, then two days after I got back I went and had disc surgery on my neck. Here I am. Trying to recover, catch up on work and finagle ways to go to all the places I like to go without being able to drive, or at least drive long distances.

Previously I told you about my reluctance to go to the doc until the pain got great enough, which it did.  Once I went things seemed to speed up, which may or may not be true, but it did seem like it. I had exrays, MRIs doctor visits, specialists visits and surgery all in a quick succession while adding a six day work/play trip to Chicago in there.

I am now in the process of sitting still. Anyone that knows me knows how difficult that is. I’m the owner of a metal bracket and cadaver bone in my neck and a very itchy throat and neck. My voice sounds like I’ve been at a three day concert or sporting event. I discovered that even after it doesn’t hurt to swallow that doesn’t mean I CAN swallow. Yesterday I almost got taken out by a little tiny piece of bread. Clearly there is still a lot of swelling in the throat.

My son has been doing my factor treatments daily to make sure there’s no bleeding. He got me enough soup to last until the end of the month and he even took me for a ride yesterday.

Wait, back up. Factor treatments? Yes. Because I am technically a mild hemophiliac I too need treatments at times when there could be bleeding issues. “They” say that even “normal” people sometimes bleed with this surgery so it’s best to keep someone like myself protected.

There were times while I was inpatient that things happened that I would loved to have write about, but I couldn’t even keep my head up so there was no writing. For example, there is a big sign on the wall in my room “Quiet hours from 2-4 in the afternoon” Great. Except I wake up to banging and ringing at 3:45 one day. There is a guy, on a ladder, between the two beds, fixing the curtains. If you’ve been anywhere they have hospital curtains you know what I mean. I mentioned it to him, he shrugged, and took his ladder away. At which point I called him back to actually CLOSE the curtains he had so loudly been fixing because he’d left them open and the sun in all its glory was shining in my eyes.  If I’d had more energy I might have complained but I drifted back to sleep after mentally shaking my head.

I never saw my roommate but from what I could tell she had been there for several weeks, had dementia and came in terribly uncared for.  Everyone adored her, she was that patient that you know had an uncertain future but tugs at the hearts of everyone. One morning a nurse from wound care came in to tend the patient’s feet. I have a thing about feet being taken care of. It seems my roommate had those feet that after years of not being cleaned or lotioned had to be scraped and treated. They had to scrape off the dead skin to create open wounds to let them heal so she could possibly walk again. I wanted to open the curtain and talk with her. I suppose I was in there because I wouldn’t be staying long, she probably has revolving roommates.

I ended up on the neurology ward, which is a bit of kismet because the last time I was at that hospital it was for a brain bleed and I was just a couple of rooms from where I’d stayed last time. When I took my first walk with PT I was pleased to know where I was, where to go and how to get around. Not that I could go far or fast but still, it was comforting.

So. As I recover I will be spending more and more time sitting up and writing. It’s doubtful all the things that randomly crossed my mind in the past two weeks will bubble forth but I did write a couple things down. With any luck I’ll be back to day trips and adventures soon and I’ll be taking you with me.




2 thoughts on “What??

  1. Sounds like Dale’s first neck surgery. I hope it’s getting better for you every day as it did for him. When he got on the other side of it, he was happy he did it. It has made a big difference in his pain.


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