I had a mother/daughter date with mom yesterday. We went to update our wills. Some mother/daughters go for mani/pedis or tattoos, we went to a lawyer.

As I have mentioned previously my mom is 89. She has full mental capacity, she’s just rickety and tippy when she walks or moves. The last time her will was checked was in 2007, mine was done about 20 years ago so it was time to update powers of attorney, living wills, etc.

I have signed papers for her before but I have never met her lawyer. It turns out he is not a young man either, my guess is he’s on the upper side of 70 if not in his 80s. He is also fully capable and quite mentally stable. I say this because since spending so much time in nursing homes and going to visit elderly for my job I see a lot of dementia, in people much younger than either mom or the lawyer. There is a vast difference between dementia and the slowness of old age.

The slowness of old age. As I watched the two old “apple people” talking and passing papers back and forth I felt like I was in an episode of the Muppets. It was really very amusing. Both use their hands to talk, both pause before speaking and both take the time to be very sure of what their saying or hearing. Every time they read over a line the lawyer would turn to me and ask if I understood, if not he would very slowly and clearly explain.

I am impressed and in awe of the slowness of old age. I hope I can take a lesson from it, knowing that faster doesn’t always mean better. Although having to do this grown up thing was not on my list of mother/daughter favorites it was necessary. Getting to be in my own episode of the Muppets was priceless.



One thought on “Muppets

  1. Very, very sweet story and I can see the meeting so clearly. You are one of the blessed to have your Mom with you for so long. Sometimes it is hard watching them grow more frail, but you get the chance to share their wisdom when you are old enough to appreciate it.


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