Bone Bank

Did you know about this? It’s a thing. Bone Bank.

After the prolonged waiting to see a doctor, or a few doctors, about my neck it turns out I will be having it fixed. Which requires bone grafting. Instead of taking bone from the person’s (me) hip they now get bone from the bone bank. So I’ll be getting cadaver bone. If you’re me you think that’s pretty cool. The doc did say some people still prefer their own bone because cadaver bone skeeves them out. I’m like “cool, I wonder who I’ll get!” As he said “We’ll get bone from the Bone Bank, they’re not using it anyway.”

So ya, Bone Bank. I want to find ways to use this in a sentence now. “I’ve got to run to the Bone Bank, I’ll be back in a few minutes.” “Meet me at the Bone Bank, then we’ll go have lunch.”


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