Google me this.

I’m pondering something. One of my jobs requires a lot of computer time. I’m learning how to create bulk emails, send out surveys, manage online pages, all kinds of things that I have had no training for. I set up a conference call line and learned how to create a registration site. It’s time consuming and challenging but I get it done.

Because I also work another job I will sometimes get to my emails later in the day and find that I have ten, twenty, sometimes more, emails, in two different accounts, waiting for me. The secret is to email the culprits and ask for the Reader’s Digest version because I know I don’t have the attention span to scroll through a bunch of emails.

So here’s my latest ponder. Why do I need emails to tell me I have a calendar to remind me of things? I now need to figure out yet another server and have yet another password.  There are ten emails in my accounts about one calendar set up. I still haven’t figured out what to do but I wrote the events in in my book!  Having a reminder to look at a reminder isn’t going to help me be more organized. Having less to do will help me be more organized.

I do use the internet for lots of things from shopping to communicating, bill paying and news. When I carried cash on trips the only thing I had to worry about was that sum of money getting stolen, now I could lose my whole life because I use cards when I travel. Walking into a store to shop takes time but maybe that’s what I need, to take the time to do things outside of my house. It only takes a minute to walk into a gas station with cash, maybe I should practice that.

That, is of course, just my take on it.  I figure when the internet crashes I will still know how to write checks, I will still be able to write letters and my little date book will still be jammed full of things I’m going to do.

Convenience.  There is a fine line between it and becoming overwhelmed.



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