My page, my opinion.

We’re living through trying time right now. I’m referring to healthcare. There is something that baffles me about the natural selection folks, those are the people that have decided that if you have a special needs you should be allowed to die because you have more needs than someone who is naturally healthy.

It seems like they are the same people that believe this is what God would want. Well, their God, not my god. But didn’t their God also create some of these special needs? I’m not talking about people who have not taken care of themselves. We, as a society, have created diseases like diabetes, obesity and heart disease by the way we live. I’m talking about the genetic stuff, things that have no known cause but people are born with them.

If their God created these diseases isn’t because “He” wants people to care for each other? Did “He” not also give man the ability to learn to treat and cure the genetic disease? I feel like my god was hoping for peace, support and compassion,maybe use these big brains we have to help each other.

Granted, some of the things people are born with like allergies and immune deficiencies have come from years of our sedentary lifestyles and modifications to foods that we thought were good for us but really were meant to give someone else a bigger bank account.  I’m not just on a rant, I know that there are food can no longer reproduce so we have to purchase seeds from certain companies. I know that we are exposed to things that the human body can’t adapt to, thus allergies and immune deficiencies were born.

Back to the original line of thought. Why are we given the diseases and the intelligence to treat them if we’re really supposed to let each other die? Let me put it this way. I am naturally healthy, I don’t know why, I don’t even know where half of my blood line comes from. I didn’t take care of myself as a young adult, I can eat fatty foods and sugary snacks without the consequence of heart disease or diabetes. Does this mean that I get to live but someone who gets diabetes from lack of exercise and poor eating habits (pretty much the way I live) should die because I need less healthcare?

What about the needs of people with genetic disease? They tend to be the most costly and need more care. I know some of the reason they are more costly to treat is because someone is making a ton of money from them. The more rare a disease is, the more it costs to treat because, well, screw them and their rare disease, we can stand to lose a few thousand people who were unlucky enough to be “born that way” so the rest of us can have our self created disease.

MY god, MIGHT be thinking we’re total screw-ups because MY god gave us the chance to have compassion and we blew it. I take a couple medications, they are more to make my life a bit more comfortable. I can live without them. So I guess I’m supposed to look at the people that will die or be miserable because they aren’t as healthy as I am and think “too bad, so sad”. I can’t do that. I have compassion.

I didn’t start my life thinking, “gee I’d love to spend my time being an advocate”. It’s tiring. It’s frustrating trying to get people to understand what they lose by being quiet and letting someone else make their decisions. Write the letter. Make the phone call. I was given this opportunity because of genetics. I have embraced it because I have compassion.

You. This is why I advocate. When you lose your healthcare I will know I have done as much as I can do. Whoever your God is.


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