One time we drove to Georgia for the weekend in my red Chevy van named Alice. This must have 1977. My  friend Kat went with me. Perhaps she has a better memory of this. I know there were a couple of the guys we hung out with with us, it had been a spontaneous trip.  I actually remember who they guys were.

We left on Friday morning, drove all day spent the day Saturday then drove home Sunday. I don’t recall who we were going to see but it was someone I had worked with once. The girl we went to see had just used this brand new service, rent to own furniture. We visited Underground Atlanta and if not for that I may not have remembered the trip at all. I think her boyfriend left with us and went to New Hampshire. It wasn’t a happy ending.

I do recall hitting construction on the way home, Kat was driving and it took over an hour to go a mile. I think I remember this because either Kat didn’t have a license or she just never drove anywhere.

Memories are slippery things.


One thought on “Georgia

  1. As I was reading this Jose I could do with smirk giggle and I can actually hear your voice saying these words funny stuff I can relate


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