The rooms we use for drawing blood at work, our work stations, are basically standard with all the same equipment we need. Like everything people like to set things up for their own comfort. I can be a little persnickety about my station, to me it is easier if I know right where to put … Continue reading Sandwiches



My mom the old Yankee Likes to do what she wishes She can move pretty smooth When she wants to do the dishes. It's a tactical battle, Who's first to the sink She's clearly determined And sneakier than you'd think.


I have aged. I didn't start out thinking "I can't wait until I'm retirement age." It was more like "I doubt I'll live that long." It was the 70s, that time when we all thought that IF we did grow old we'd be the old hippies sitting in rockers smoking pot. I haven't smoked pot … Continue reading lines


My dad was a Yankee through and through. He had the accent, the ethics and the language. He was a story teller and local historian. I lived in Connecticut for a few years and when I would bring friends home with me to visit dad would regale them with stories, after which they would usually … Continue reading Language