Clap once

There are some things that I don't get. Litter is one. Is it that hard to wait to find a trash can? Not using complete words. U is not a word, neither is ur. I have a very difficult time tweeting because I have to use words that aren't words. Being late every. single. time. … Continue reading Clap once



I used to be an activist, now I'm an advocate. Instead of carrying signs and hanging out in parks or in front of buildings making noise I write letters, put on dress clothes to go to capital buildings and encourage people to speak up. You should try it.    


Today was Charlie's last day of elementary school this year. And Julian and Connor and Kim. I was walking along when there was a rush of kids and parents and grandparents pouring out of the school. They all had posters and bags and papers. The teachers had the ones waiting for pick up all corralled … Continue reading Charlie

Our kids

You have become adults It was only moments ago that you needed us to help you stand. It was just yesterday we had to hold your hand. Our secret language was spelling out words. We were so careful about what you heard. Suddenly you're driving cars. Now we ask you to open jars. You have … Continue reading Our kids


My mom and dad were from the lost generation of staying married, having integrity and working hard for what they got. They lived in a time where the woman usually stayed at home but mom had a career. They lived in a time when you could buy a home, raise kids and take vacations, it … Continue reading Decades