Old Friends/ new old friends

What took me away from you? It was a long, hot summer in the seventies. We sat in the common, we sat in our cars on Maine Street, we rode to abandoned gravel pits and back roads. We went to concerts, we hitch hiked because we could. We laughed and cried and smoked and drank. Couples came together and parted, some for a night some for a lifetime.

Then life moved on, you got married, had kids, bought homes, went to college. My path took me further from you. All the while I though I was the one moving on but really I was just moving away from you.

There are so many people. There are so many experiences. My inner self is that same girl you knew in the seventies, I am the woman you met in the eighties or nineties, I am the sum total of my experiences and acquaintances. Over the years I have learned to be me.

It’s been glorious in spite of some of the mistakes. Our paths have wound through life like animal paths through a quiet wood, sometimes crossing, sometimes just knowing you’re just over there.

There will be new old friends and reacquainting with friends from “ago”. There will be new accomplishments and new mistakes. There will always be you in my heart.


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