Then and now

Today I meet you again after forty years.                                                                                              You were my kid brother in our group of unruly kids in the 70’s                                                                                                                                                                                                                  I know the core. I know the heart.                                                                                                          Our paths have created us, who will your outsides be?

After the pictures of family, after the jobs and time in between.                                                          What will happen when we reveal our “now” person.

Will our politics clash? Will our beliefs be different?                                                                           Will we be able to love the person who was no matter who they are today?

I am the sum total of my experiences. So are you.                                                                               Today I meet you again after forty years.




2 thoughts on “Then and now

  1. it is sometimes hard to see who we knew someone to be – their true self, before “life” happened – when the person we see now, presents as so different. And perhaps who they seem to be now is in opposition to our own core values. So – do we renew a relationship based on who they were, who they seemed to be at their core? Or do we accept this changed – at least outwardly – person? Do we do so having faith that their true self is just masked?


    • Did any of us know who we were in the 70s? Even when we made it to young adult, we were not who we are now. I can always love them. I’ll find out if I can spend time with their adult self!


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