Clap once

There are some things that I don’t get. Litter is one. Is it that hard to wait to find a trash can? Not using complete words. U is not a word, neither is ur. I have a very difficult time tweeting because I have to use words that aren’t words. Being late every. single. time. The message that behavior sends is “you’re not important enough for me to get there, you’ll just have to wait.”

Talking while someone is addressing a group. More and more often I hear this. Not only in kids, people of all ages. It has become common practice for people to chatter away while someone else “has the floor”.  I try not to put myself in a place that I need to talk in front of a crowd.

At a camp I go to it’s common practice for the speaker to say “clap once if you can hear me.” Then when they get part of the group’s attention “clap twice if you can hear me.” Until there is silence.

Sometimes when I speak will just stand quietly and wait to see how long it takes for people to realize that they are being rude. Because that’s really all it is. My inclination is to make a loud noise and tell people to shut up and stop being rude. Usually with expletives thrown in for emphasis. If listening is too difficult, being silent for a moment or even minutes is too hard then go find somewhere else to talk.

I can’t change this self centered world we have become, “I’m too important to pick up after myself”, “you’ll just have to wait for me”, or “what I have to say is more important”. I have seen people filling out job applications and forms using abbreviations and non words, seriously. All I can do is try not to put myself in places or situations where those things occur.

I miss courtesy. I find it sad that it’s more noticeable when someone is courteous than when they’re not. I’m pleased that I have helped raise a young man the still holds doors, says thank you and listens when someone speaks. Courtesy and spelling are becoming lost arts. Compassion is a rant for another day.

Clap once if you can hear me.


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