In a small town

Small town New England.

To the locals I have been and always will be “that Parker girl, pronounced Pahkah.

I got a call on mom’s phone the other day. I have my own phone so usually the only calls I get on mom’s phone are from the hospital for appointments etc, they cannot seem to get the number change right even after 20 years. Anyway. I get a call and it’s a neighbor down the road asking me if I can stop and draw her blood on my way to work.

I go to work at 5 AM, she knows this because I’ve stopped there before.

“Of course ______.  Do you know what it’s for?” She does not, just that the doctor’s office called and said it was due. After calling work and my coworker doing some research we find that this test was due in May, it is now mid June. And look, there is another due in August.

I’ll stop by this morning, she and her husband will be up waiting for me. I’ll draw what is needed and leave her supplies for other testing due in August. I am sure the next time she needs something she’ll call the Pahkah girl and we’ll get it sorted out. It’s how we roll in small town New England.


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