Take me with you

Take me with you.

When my body has decided it’s time to stop, whether by accident, incident or age, I want you to take me with you.

Put me in little packets and pass me around.

Around town, across the country or around the world. Take me with you.

A pinch is all you need.

To oceans, mountains, cities and towns. Take me with you.

All I have ever wanted is to be in the world.

Whether I’ve been there before or to places exotic and new. Take me with you.

If my dust is too unpleasant to consider a picture, an item of mine or even a memory will do.

Wherever you go, however you get there, whatever bit of me you choose.

Take me with you.


One thought on “Take me with you

  1. I’d be glad to take you with me. You can join me with the manatees in Florida and whatever other adventures I find. Hope that will be long in the future.


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