Today was Charlie’s last day of elementary school this year. And Julian and Connor and Kim. I was walking along when there was a rush of kids and parents and grandparents pouring out of the school. They all had posters and bags and papers. The teachers had the ones waiting for pick up all corralled in the play area and called to them as their rides came, that’s how I knew about Julian, Connor and Kim.  It was Charlie that caught my eye.

Ahhh Charlie. Charlie came out and down the sidewalk with his mom, or aunt or sitter. Charlie made it about 30 feet from the fence when he stopped under a tree, plopped down and pulled out this huge, over-sized book he had made. The woman with him didn’t hesitate or hurry him along, she put down the poster that said “CHARLIE” in big letters on it and plopped down beside him.

The over-sized book had pictures and writing and all sorts of things that I imagine were Charlie’s whole school year. One page said “what I want to do” on top. There were pictures he had drawn and some photos too. Charlie excitedly turned through the pages, one after another.

I watched all of this as I walked towards them, it took just a few moments. It made me wonder, do he and the kids in his neighborhood ride bikes and have sleep overs? Or is Charlie one of those kids that disappears for the summer, going to his cousin’s or  to summer camp? Is he one of the “popular” kids, or does he spend a lot of time in his room with video games or books?

Remember the last day of school? There was the excitement of being done with the routine of the days and knowing there were adventures to come. Time is so different to a young person, days and weeks take longer. The next school year is far, far away. I wonder how Charlie sees the last day of school.


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