Meme’s, not the pictures, my mom and Aunt Bev.

My mom (Mary) is 89. My Aunt Bev is 90. Until a few months ago Aunt Bev would come to our house every Sunday for tea with Mary. Apparently I wrote down some of their conversations.  I used to roll my eyes when Bev would pull in. Now I miss those conversations. Check back, as I remember them or they pop up in my Facebook feed I’ll share them with you.


Mom and Aunt Bev talking-                                                                                                                 AB: “I checked the date and it expired in January of 2009”.                                                         Mom: “umhm”.                                                                                                                                     AB: “They were a little hard but I probably could have microwaved them”.                  Mom: “They were probably okay, just lost some flavor”.                                                         AB: “Well…I decided to throw them away”                                                                                       I have no idea what they were talking about but it just shows you the way those Yankee ladies think.


Mom: “I have a $20 gift certificate for the Pub. We should go.”
Aunt Bev: “How’s your week? Are you pretty booked? All I have is______ at 1 o’clock on Wednesday.”
Mom: “Well let me get my pocketbook and check. We’ll have to eat $20 dollars worth.”
Aunt Bev: “Some of it will include the tip.”
Mom: “How about Tuesday at quarter of 12?”
Aunt Bev: (gets out date book) “Tuesday at 11:45. Next we’ll have to use the one I have from Olive Garden.  ____’s giving me a permanent on Saturday. I’m loosing my curl.”

and on and on…they crack me up.


Bev: “I went shopping at Hannafords yesterday.”                                                                     Mom: “I go on Mondays and then again Friday after I have my hair done.”                             Bev: “You know those motorized carts they have with the baskets on the front?”                 Mom: “Yes, it’s always the men that drive them.”                                                                       Bev: “It does seem that only the men use them.”

They have a way of saying the MEN like they are a different species or something.


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