There comes a point in our growing up lives when things like rain and and being uncomfortable guide our decisions.

Remember being a kid and not caring if puddle jumping meant being wet? It was FUN! Jumping into a freezing cold river or the Atlantic in New England just meant being cold until my body temp adjusted. I haven’t put more than a toe on the ocean in New England for many years now, even if it’s 90 degrees out.

I listen to the younguns at work and I think “there is no chance I could go without at least seven  or eight hours sleep.” Until I was in my early fifties I rarely slept more than four hours a night. When I was a teen and a young adult going two or three days without any sleep was how I lived.

I ate to survive, because I needed food. It seems now that I can pick and choose and turn my nose up if something doesn’t appeal to me.

I have lived and incredible life, one full of adventure and passion. Dancing in the rain, staying up for days and swimming in the ocean. Going places I was uncomfortable for fear I’d miss out on something if I didn’t. What makes me so sure that I should miss a day at the park because it might rain or be sleepy because I stayed up late are the way it is just because I’m older.  Does being older equate being wiser? Is my tally sheet of adventure full enough? Or maybe being older and wiser just means those things look different now. If you had asked my younger self I would have scoffed. I think I’ll ponder this as I spend the day at an amusement park in the rain.



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