My mom and dad were from the lost generation of staying married, having integrity and working hard for what they got. They lived in a time where the woman usually stayed at home but mom had a career. They lived in a time when you could buy a home, raise kids and take vacations, it was almost required.

My dad was my hero, he showed me how to save money, buy cars, and work hard. My mom taught me that being a girl didn’t mean I had to stay home and wear dresses. They both lived what they believed. People respected and trusted them.

It sounds like a Lifetime movie. In some ways it was, only real with real people.

I was going through pictures when I came across the one featured here. This was their surprise 25th wedding anniversary. Here’s what I see when I look at it.                                   I recall mom being upset because she didn’t know and hadn’t cleaned the house.               The picnic table was the group gift from their large and loving families.                                 We were a very 70’s looking family from my brother’s hair to the cap sleeves on my blouse.                                                                                                                                                      I remember helping dad build the fence behind us.                                                                     See the station wagon? This was my Aunt Elsie and Uncle George’s car. They had 9 nine kids eventually. They lived in Maryland and drove up every summer. If it were today they would be arriving in a mini van.                                                                                            Mom’s hair was dyed and set every week. She still goes every week to have it set, she let it go white when she retired. Every three months she has a “permanent”.

The thing that really struck me was the tear in dad’s pants. I’d bet money he was up before dawn working in the yard, the garden or in the barn. He had his “farmer’s tan”. See that smile? That was his “I’m surrounded by family” smile.

Growing up, if I slept past 7, which I did frequently, it was the 70’s after all, he’d grouse at me because the “day was half over”.  Much of who I am and how I am is because of my dad. That’s a story for another time.

When it was time for their 50th you can bet I told mom, I wasn’t getting scolded again. She not only cleaned the house, she had the driveway paved and put new flooring down in the kitchen. That is also a story for another time.


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