I get new perspectives on aging all the time. I live with my 89 year old mom and my job involves going to most of the area nursing homes.

Things I have learned: As we age the things “they” told us will happen. I can’t even say “they never told me this”, they did, I just didn’t listen. I listen now. Just yesterday I had this conversation with someone.

Me: “I have learned to listen my elders after the many years of coming to the homes.” Patient: “well, my biggest piece of advice is don’t wait. Don’t save “it” for later or think you’ll do “it” after you retire. There may not be a later and the  way this country is now saving for retirement is like trying to keep ice cream in a box on the counter and expecting it not to melt.”

Well. There ya’ go. My next three “away” trips are already booked.


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