I realized today that there are people in this world that have never experienced silence. Complete quiet. Lots of people have the kind of silence that is really a noise to cover a noise, like a fan to cover street noise. The hum of electronics such as a refrigerator or a computer are so common place that most people don’t consider it noise. Running or riding a bike with headphones is something I couldn’t do, I’m afraid I would miss something going on around me.

I live where I can walk out my door a few feet and hear nothing. More so in the winter when there aren’t birds or bugs. Even in the other seasons I can lay in the grass and hear a bug fly by. Sometimes I can even tell what kind of bug just by its buzz. This morning I heard an animal crashing though the brush and something screeching in the woods. And of course the dogs barking because they heard it too. Right now I hear very little, there’s an air conditioner in one of the upstairs bedrooms, there’s my laptop and there are a bunch of different birds, and my typing.

How many millions of people have grown up in a city or populated place are there that have never heard nothing? I recall a bunch of years ago some friends from Worcester Massachusetts coming to New Hampshire to visit and being scared because it was too quiet.

I don’t mind the noises of cars and people and population. It’s good to be able hear the world. I play music and listen to talk radio. I love the sounds of travel, planes taking off, trains whistling and ship’s horns. Someone playing live music on a street corner or a television as I walk by a house. Even the noise to cover noise when I’m in a hotel. I believe every noise comes with a story. Babies crying, people yelling, people murmuring, the click of the dog’s nails on the floor, leaves rustling. I think about all the noises in the world, I try to separate them from one another.

I think if more people experienced silence they might listen to sound better.



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