I’m a reader. I love to pick up a book and get so lost in the pages that it’s jolt when I get back to reality. The problem with being a reader having enough books. I am an addict with them, I have stashes of books around my room and when I get down to just a few I start to panic that I’m going to run out. I even keep an emergency book in my car, just in case..

A few years ago someone asked me how many books I thought I’d read in my life time, I am not going to do that math again but even at an average of two books a week , 52  weeks in a year, let’s say starting at twelve years old and I’m 59 now.

We had Weekly Readers in elementary school. My favorite time of the week was picking the book. They were only 50 cents to a dollar in the 1960’s, that was a lot to put out on a weekly basis in those days because I had my savings account too at Cheshire County Savings Bank that mom put 50 cents a week into!

At any rate, it was a couple of decades ago now that I looked at the television in my room and decided that space would be better used for bookcases. Out when the TV in came the bookcase. I haven’t had a TV since. I do get left out of a lot of conversation because I don’t watch television but I’m okay with that.

I will read almost anything to have a book. I have given up on romance, they tend to be repetitive and the girls with the big bosoms usually ends up have steamy sex with the muscle bound guy or some version of that. Mom reads them though and that makes me chuckle. Mom at 89 reading Tiger’s Woman or He Came From Ohio or some such thing.

I have read everything my son read and even now I like to read what’s he’s reading so I have been working my way through his Star Wars books in between the other things I read.  When he was in school I read whatever he was reading too. He carries a book with him places. I love that.  When he has had procedures in the hospital it’s common for the docs and nurses to walk in and we both have our nose in a book.

So ya, I’m a reader. It’s pretty awesome.



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