Who does that?

Who does that? Do you ever think that? I think it or say out loud almost daily. It just happened. Taking the recycling out I pick up an empty bottle of water to throw in the barrel and SURPRISE, not only is it not empty, there’s no cover on it. I am happy it was only water because it was a little fountain spraying across part of the garage. My first thought: Who does that??

If it’s the same for you as it is for me, most of the time you know the answer and realize the futility in saying anything. Whether it’s in the work place, home or any place I frequent there is usually that repeat offender that does things that make me think “are you self centered or just ignorant to the world around you?”

Parking lots, Arrgh. Things that should be full that are empty, things that are empty that should be full. The spill on the counter in the kitchen or the item that doesn’t quite make it back on the shelf at the store. Here’s one, paper bags in the trash, food wrappers or food in the recycling. Things that only take a moment to rectify or even better, thinking before acting. For me, those are some of the times I think “who does that?”


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