Days of sun and water

Some of my best adventures are unplanned and amazing.

One really warm October weekend a few years ago my friend and I grabbed my sea kayaks and my little pink tent and headed to some salt marshes. I found out about this place that’s on private land but if you carry in/ carry out you can camp there. There are no facilities, no water, nothing but a nice piece of land that juts out into the salt marshes.

On Friday evening we set up the tent, got the boats unloaded and readied ourselves for the next day on the ocean. Because it was so late in the year we were the only ones out there, it was super quiet and the sunset was beautiful.

Saturday morning we got into the boats and headed out through the salt marshes to the ocean. Winding through the reeds and out to the open water was like bursting from a jungle to open land, coming from being surrounded by vegetation then suddenly the whole ocean opens up before you.

There were house boats of all kinds. Little spits of land to get out and look around. Sailboats way out, tacking back and forth. As we got further away from land the swells would come up and when we were between them everything would disappear around us.

Here’s the thing, when you’re on an ocean you are subject to the tides. Riding the tides out in the morning makes for easy paddling and floating. Oh but wait, you can’t just turn around and go back against the tides. Seriously. You paddle really hard and go nowhere until the tides turn. Simple solution? We nudged up to a pontoon boat that was moored and dozed in the sun for a couple hours. Napping in a kayak.

Finally we made our way back only to find that our salt marshes and the things we were using as landmarks are different because now the tide is still coming in and the water level is a lot lower.  ooops. Salt marshes are just a series of places where the vegetation has grown up but there are tributaries all along the leading to land. We took a chance a made a choice and by luck, magic or we really did know where we were, we made it back.

The other thing about the tide being out is that the landings on shore are mud. Several feet of mud. Deep mud. That squishes up between your toes and makes you wonder what else you could be stepping on. But we made it! eight hours out in the sun and salt. Tired and sticky and happy.

After a change of clothes and cleaning up the best we could off we went to find food. I don’t even recall if it was good food but we ate and enjoyed every bite. Using a toilet and running water, that was pretty cool too.

We took our sunburned, tired selves back to the tent and went to sleep. Well, I slept until my friend woke me up to tell me about the white squirrel that was in the tent. On came the lanterns to find it. We came to the conclusion there was no white squirrel and much laughter ensued.

Sunday morning I was up to take pictures of the sunrise. A little later we went out again in the boats for a short while before we had to get back to our everyday lives. Perfection.

I am always grateful that I am able to be spontaneous. I have a treasure trove of pictures from my adventures. Mostly I am grateful for the people who come into my life that are willing to take a chance when I say “Hey, you wanna go…?”





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