Room 507


In room 507 of the hotel I was at this weekend there were two robes. The shampoo, soaps etc. weren’t the kind you find at the Holiday Inn, they probably cost more per ounce than any I would buy for myself. There was a tray with everything from condoms to gummy bears. There was a t-shirt, gourmet candies and a hangover kit. A hat, chap stick, Kind bars and a plethora of other items. On the other side of the desk there was a set up to make Makers Mules, with a pint of Makers Mark, a can of ginger beer, and a brass mug. There were charging cords for any device imaginable. The mini fridge had enough beverages for a party of 5. But no little coffee maker or even a Keurig. I guess you must call room service for that.

We had to ask for a room change because my son and I were booked in a room with one bed, the young lady at the desk, whose name was Essence, regretted to tell us we were only on the 5th floor. She didn’t tell us the room she was sad to put us in had a stunning view of the Hudson River.

There was an elephant in the room. Not a live elephant or even a topic to be avoided. A little silver elephant with the loopy thing to stick your business card in. So, I took it on a walk. And took pictures along the Hudson River. I bet it’s the first time it’s ever been out of room 507. I took it back though because even the laundry bag in the closet had a $10 tag on it, I can only imagine what an elephant would cost.

It was an experience I was grateful to have had but I’m still content in the under $100 motels. Last weekend I was in a little cabin by a big lake. Whenever I stay in places that are upscale, like the Gaylord hotels I have stayed in or the Hilton Hotels or even the costlier Marriott hotels I remind myself it’s the result of chronic illness. Here’s how I explain it: Travels and adventure courtesy of fused ankles, brain bleeds, pain and financial uncertainty. While I am grateful for the ability hemophilia gives me to travel I often wonder, is it worth it? Would non-bleeders trade their pain free, low stress lives for mine? With everything I have gained, for who I am, would I trade my life for one theirs?


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