Yard work

I never bought a house because honestly, I didn’t want one. The expense, the labor and having to stay in one place. I would rather spend time and money roaming, traveling and exploring.

This I say after just coming in from mowing the lawn and pulling weeds. It seems that by taking responsibility for mom, staying here so she can stay in her home, I have become responsible for a house anyway. It’s a lovely place. Big huge lawn, lots of trees and gardens and things hanging on poles. Which really means I spend the time complaining about getting poked by sticks as I mow under trees, having to move things that are mobile and being ever so careful I don’t mow flowers down. That’s just the hand mowing. I no longer have to do the big stuff that requires the riding mower, my son has taken that over.

When it’s time for weed pulling mom stands there next to me pointing at the things I’m to pull with her cane. If I didn’t know how gentle she is I would be worried about getting smacked with it if I pull the wrong thing.

Just to clarify, yard work requires a certain amount of prep. Shoes, socks long enough to pull over my pant legs for tick protection and a stunning black over the head, long sleeved net top over my clothes to protect from black flies and mosquitoes. And gloves.

Mom’s worth it, she deserves it. I will continue to care for her house. Then when she no longer needs me I’ll get a van, a camper, maybe even a boat.


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