Spring, I use the term loosely, in New Hampshire means a lot of things. Lots of mud. Enough that one of our signature sayings is that we have five seasons, with mud being between winter and spring. We also have mosquito season which falls during spring but before summer. My mom the Yankee always says the black flies, no-see-ums, and the mosquitoes only last until Father’s Day. Which is awesome when they go by the rules.

As an aside, I Googled no-see-ums and they have their own Wikipedia page.

We have this neighbor who only comes around in warm weather. It’s Mama Bear. Mama’s home includes about a four miles radius so she visits lots of houses in the spring. Mama is always hungry.

Early in the alleged spring most Yankees start bringing their bird feeders in at night so Mama doesn’t get to them. Here on out little plot we play the feeder lottery. Sometimes we bring it in, sometimes we forget. Until that morning we look out and realize Mama has come to visit. She’s not a very gentle guest, nor is she very patient. Our most recent feeder already survived an attack a couple of years ago so when she came this time there was no saving it.

Have you ever priced bird feeders? The fancy ones that keep the squirrels and Blue Jays out can run anywhere from $35 to $100. This year we lost the feeder lottery. This year the replacement feeder will not keep squirrels and Blue Jays out. But it only cost $5.99

Take that Mama Bear.


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