Garden Walk

At my house we do what I like to call The Garden Walk. This is the time when I get mom’s walker out and we stroll all around her flower gardens. She hates using the walker but at 89 I can’t risk her navigating the uneven ground around our house. She will now say “I’d like to go and look at my plants.”  She used to just try to sneak out, we’d always catch her.

Here’s how it goes; I get the walker and set it up outside whichever door she wants to start from. If it’s the back door I help her out the door. Out back she has her round rock garden in the center of four – eight foot long beds. We walk all around those and inspect the lilies for little red bugs. If she sees one, watch out! She reaches in, snatches the interloper out and squishes it. Later in the year there will be other flowers but now we’re just watching the lilies. From there we move on to the rose trellis which has two more eight foot beds. Next we go around the back of house, by the chimney where the roses and peonies live. Around to the long side of the house which is all lined with flower beds.  She knows which lilies are which and rejoices when her favorites are healthy. Today my chore was pull the dandelions and weeds from those beds. And of course squish the bugs. Finally a stroll over the the fenced in eight foot vegetable gardens to pick some rhubarb and see if the peas are coming up.

That’s the garden walk.

If you met my mom, Mary, you would never envision her squishing bugs with her fingers but she is a farmer’s daughter. I always found it funny that she has such a fear of mice and other rodents. She never hesitates to direct ME to kill them though. I have even seen her take a broom to the blueberries in case the bear comes but the rodents, not a chance.

I try to keep her gardens up to her standards but it’s hard and very time consuming. I think more people should have some form of garden walk. It adds perspective to what happiness looks like in a simple form. Plus you could learn to squish bugs.



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