Good New Bad News

Here’s the thing. As we established in an earlier post there are two kinds of sick people. I fall into the second category, the ones that wait a long time before seeking medical attention.

I have had this neck, shoulder thing for several months now, I kept figuring it would just go away. Like a stiff neck does. November, December, January. No relief. Then in February and March started with this weird tingling up and down my neck. THEN when I turned my head to the left my arm would go numb. My fingers would tingle sometimes too. In my infinite wisdom I decided there was a pinched nerve. Nothing drastic but very annoying. Sometimes there was enough pain in my arm and shoulder I’d wear a sling.

At what point would you have gotten checked? I wasn’t ready yet. At the beginning of April I started getting this weird whooshing in my head, whoosh whoosh along with the beat of my heart. I did what every self respecting American does. I Googled “whooshing in the brain” thinking I’d get a couple hits that lead to other things. It turns out it’s a thing, like there were pages and pages. It’s called pulse-syncronous tinnitus. I should have stopped reading and gone to the doc then. But not me! A couple more weeks go by and one day it’s crazy loud and I’m light headed. Did I mention I had been working in the yard on a very hot day? That night Boom! Crazy migraine. I have gotten migraines for most of life, one or two a week at a level four is normal. This one was about a nine on my migraine pain scale. One of the things I read on Google is that in some cases it’s a pinched vein and can cause stroke. Well damn.

Fine. I call the doc. She takes a look, feels around and although we both know I need an MRI insurance dictates our healthcare now so I had to have an ex-ray first, once that came back as alright then I can have the MRI.

The good news was; the MRI found the issue. the bad news was; the MRI found the issue. I have bulging discs. Three of them. Two of them are pinching off a nerve. At this point I have not been to the next doctor to find out what can be done.

I do know that there are certain movements I can do that will make certain body parts go numb. I also know that this constant pain is getting old and with the current health insurance climate I may have to jump through a bunch of hoops and spend money I don’t have to get to the solution. There is no one to blame for me waiting six months to get looked at though. Honestly I can’t even say it’ll make me better about getting things looked at.

Stay tuned though. We’ll all find out how this goes in the coming weeks.


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