Why are the older/younger romance novels always involving some hot older woman and an equally hot young guy? Or two amazingly fit and independently wealthy people? Why not an overweight but pleasant older woman? Or an average older guy and and a plump but sweet younger person? Or the couple that meets when their EBT cards get mixed up at the grocery store? Average people have hot steamy sex too. Because ultimately isn’t that what the story ends up being about?

I suppose it’s because it’s fiction and fiction is about the things we aren’t. Super spies, super models and super rich. I’ve never wished for one of those lives although having enough money to be comfortable would be nice.

I have had a pretty amazing life full of people, places and things but the travels and exploits of a middle class, average white woman aren’t the things we’re taught to aspire to. Sadly the things we are taught to aspire to are the very things that are unattainable for most of the population. Thus the reading of the fictional lives of people we don’t have much chance of becoming. And with that I answered my own question. Thanks for walking me through that.


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