Garden Walk

At my house we do what I like to call The Garden Walk. This is the time when I get mom's walker out and we stroll all around her flower gardens. She hates using the walker but at 89 I can't risk her navigating the uneven ground around our house. She will now say "I'd … Continue reading Garden Walk



Spring, I use the term loosely, in New Hampshire means a lot of things. Lots of mud. Enough that one of our signature sayings is that we have five seasons, with mud being between winter and spring. We also have mosquito season which falls during spring but before summer. My mom the Yankee always says … Continue reading Mama

Here, now.

"You're right where you're supposed to be". I don't think that means we're given cosmic challenges to see how much we can handle, I think it means we're the sum total of what we've gone though. Each new joy, pain or lesson gives the chance to choose how to react and who we'll become.


There are special moments in the world of texts. For instance, when I text Max something witty and he texts: "douche" Then immediately the next text says: "I meant touche'." Perfect.


Why are the older/younger romance novels always involving some hot older woman and an equally hot young guy? Or two amazingly fit and independently wealthy people? Why not an overweight but pleasant older woman? Or an average older guy and and a plump but sweet younger person? Or the couple that meets when their EBT cards … Continue reading Fiction