Most people have rituals. Making coffee in the morning, feeding the animals, the way the food is laid out on the plate, lighting a cigarette before putting the car in drive. Even which leg goes into the pants first as they’re putting them on. These are all rituals, most of them we don’t even realize that’s what they are.

The first thing I do before get out of bed is put my glasses on. Back when I smoked that came next. Then I would get up. I sleep on a loft bed so I never roll out of bed, I crawl down a step ladder. Even though I can’t see the covers I still have to straighten them once I get up. Or down, depending on how you look at it.

Letting the dogs out, letting the dogs in. What about Facebook? Do you check it before you get out of bed or does it wait until you’re dressed? Do you wash your face first or last in the shower? Do you separate your laundry or throw it all in together? Do you make your bed in the morning or not?

I get in the car, start it and put it in reverse, then while I’m rolling across the driveway I snap my seat belt. I haven’t smoked in a long time but I chew gum like I smoked. Get a piece of gum, chew it for about 10 minutes then throw it out. About 15 minutes later out comes another piece of gum. Same ritual, different substance.

Now that you’re aware of them, try changing one! Put the other leg of the pants on first, brush your teeth with the other hand. It’s harder than you think.



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