Size does matter

Why do they make some stamps so big? I’m referring to postage stamps. The postal employee doesn’t always offer you a choice and I think it’s because they just have some stamps they want to get rid of.

I lived through the era of “going postal”. Remember that? seriously, who is going to argue with someone who may show later up at the restaurant you’re eating at with a semi automatic weapon? Screaming about the b****h who didn’t like the stamps. So I take the stamps. Then I fuss and fume every time I have to put them on a small envelope.

Lately it seems like the stamps they do have to choose from are not all the exciting anyway. Maybe it’s because mail is becoming a thing of the past so whoever designs the stamps thinks “ahh whatever”, just put a picture on it.

I like getting mail. Letters and cards are like books. I prefer the tangible as opposed to the electronic. Does anyone see the irony of reading this in an electronic post? I can, even while I’m writing it.

Which brings me to the question of self stick stamps. Was that really for ease or because we live in this germaphobic world and god forbid your saliva go though the mail. I work in a lab, people mail poop! Who cares about dried saliva?

Back to original topic. Seriously USPO. Is it necessary to make stamps so big?


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