I have really poor eyesight. I’m one of those people that will walk into things without glasses or contacts. I was grateful when technology made it so when I do have to wear glasses they don’t hurt my nose like the old days because the glass was thicker.

What happens if we have an Apocalypse? Whether it be zombie, nuclear, viral or when the planet goes belly up from our lack of care. I’m sure that for a while I’ll be able to find contacts and solution because I doubt that will be first on most people’s minds.

*notice I’m assuming I will live through whatever apocalypse we have*

Once people start marauding and forming tribes and things get a lot more unstable I suppose I won’t have the luxury of contacts. I have this vision of going from dead person to dead person trying on glasses until I find ones that are good enough for me to see out of.

I guess by then it won’t matter how they look. I could always carry a little mirror in my pack, it would be a handy thing to have after the apocalypse.


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