First blog post

Do you ever wonder? I mean about anything? Call it curiosity or just plain being nosy but I do all the time. Whether it’s about the red washcloth that showed up in the bathroom or why people can’t fit a Mini Cooper into a parking space. I ponder how you do what you do and sometimes even how I do what I do. I think about my bleeding disorders community and the fabulous family I have made there. I ponder politics which is always a daunting subject. I love abandoned spaces and broken down things and sometimes I end up where I shouldn’t be.

If you’re looking for a topic or even a little consistency, this isn’t the page for you. If you want to feel the sun on your face and examine the curiosities of the world this just may be what you need.

I have a Popeye kind of view in that I am what I am, which means I have doubts, passions, insecurities and opinions. Stay around and you’ll see what I mean!

Thanks for checking my musings out. let’s explore.


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