Dear Kirby Vacuum, How dare you? My mom has a Kirby. She can no longer get it out of the closet, it is too big and heavy. How dare you send your sales staff out to people's homes to coerce unsuspecting consumers into buying these monstrosities? It's similar to dragging a Mini Cooper around the … Continue reading Kirby



Suggestions to kohls. When putting the racks up for us larger sized girls, could you put them further part so we don’t have to squeeze around them? Or is this another shaming thing, like selling us vertical stripes?


Most people have rituals. Making coffee in the morning, feeding the animals, the way the food is laid out on the plate, lighting a cigarette before putting the car in drive. Even which leg goes into the pants first as they're putting them on. These are all rituals, most of them we don't even realize … Continue reading Rituals


I have a friend whose license plate says "THATSWHY". So many times in life I look back and think "ahhh, that's why." My son was born with a bleeding disorder called Hemophilia. Being adopted I never knew I was a carrier of the gene. For the first 2 decades of his life I was consumed … Continue reading Because


I have really poor eyesight. I'm one of those people that will walk into things without glasses or contacts. I was grateful when technology made it so when I do have to wear glasses they don't hurt my nose like the old days because the glass was thicker. What happens if we have an Apocalypse? Whether … Continue reading See


Today as I was driving I saw a guy. He was what you'd call a ginger, not the orange type red head but the darker red brown. He had a nicely trimmed beard. He also had a hat that matched his hair perfectly. It amazing. I wonder if he did that on purpose.